Covid-19 Massnahmen

Covid-19 maßnahmen

The Dutch Government took a number of preventive measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our company will use its best endeavours to comply with these government recommendations.


When you need to visit our site please regard the following:

Limit your visits as much as possible, please do NOT visit our terminal if you do not absolutely need to, we can provide you with pictures and so on as much as possible to facilitate you in NOT visiting the terminal.


• Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly

• Cough and sneeze into your elbow

• Use paper tissues


• Stay at home or in your cabin when facing symptoms of common cold or flu

• Limit your social contacts

• Do not use our canteen or office facilities.

besides above please regard the following:

• All our employees have been asked to work remotely to the extent possible. As our files and work procedures have been mostly digitised,      we will continue to operate as you are used to.

• Physical meetings are replaced as much as possible by electronic alternatives. Of course, this is done in consultation with all those         involved.

• All office meetings have been cancelled.

• Toolbox meetings and operational meetings can only be held outdoors with as little participants as possible

Sub-contractors and clients are asked NOT to use our canteen facilities, please respect this request for your and our safety!!!

• We will work in smaller teams and change roles weekly. Therefore please use email as much as possible to ensure smooth communication.


Although the above measures may not be comfortable at all times please note we take these measures not only for you and for us but also for your and our loved ones.

Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact your regular contact.

RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing – – + 31 (0) 10 429 94 33

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Unsere Vorteile

  • Ausgezeichnete lage + Anlagen  – Seit 1930
  • Alle Liegeplätze im ruhigen Hafenbecken mit süßem Wasser
  • 730 Meter Tiefseekai Länge mit direkter Seeverbindung ohne Brücken oder Schleusen
  • 2 x 208 Tonnen + 144 Tonnen Hochgeschwindigkeits-Schwerlast-Hafenmobilkrane, > 300 Tonnen Tandemhub
  • Umschlagzeitersparnis von bis zu 50 Prozent!
  • 6 Elektrische Hochgeschwindigkeits-Mehrzweckkrane mit einer Kapazität von bis zu 55 Tonnen + Handhabung schwerer Lasten bis zu 1.800 Tonnen oder mehr – Keine teuren Mobilisierungskosten an unserem Liegeplatz.
  • 100% reines Stauen – 100% unabhängig!

  • Qualifizierte, professionelle, erfahrene und vor allem flexible Arbeitskräfte
  • Lagertüren bis 10 Meter Breite
  • Projektladung und Schwergut – Schwerlast – Lagerraum, eingezäunt und asphaltiert
  • Lagerraum, Schwerlastzentrum, Brexit-Ware, L.M.E. Qualität
  • Zurren & Sichern, LSD, Schweißen, Schleifen durch professionelle Partner
  • Optimierte LKW-Ausfahrt für a.o. Windmühlenblätter und Windmühlentürme
  • Waage Weegbrug Waalhaven zum Wiegen von Behältern gem. zu SOLAS / VGM, neben unserem Terminal
  • Zoll Mehrwertsteuer Versand + Entrepot Lager & Lagerraum
  • AEO-zertifiziert – ISPS-zertifiziert – Doppelschienenverbindung
  • Schnelleres Heben Ihrer Ladungen – Schneller Versand