Use the Power of Rotterdam

Heavy Lift by RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Rotterdam

On our terminal we handle, load, unload and store heavy lift units with the aid of our 208 tons heavy lift mobile harbour crane or partners’ floating cranes or, where present and suited for this purpose, the ship’s cranes. 

Loading and discharging of these special units takes place at our own stevedoring terminal RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Port of Rotterdam, or if the use of three or more floating cranes is needed we work at the Rotterdam buoys. The Rotterdam Floating Cranes have a capacity of 1800 tons.

The 208 tons heavy lift mobile harbour crane is perfect for the safe and precise handling of units up to 208 tons.

Flexible and Forwarders friendly
Many of our clients work in freight forwarding. Besides offering flexibility, we are also preferred by these parties because we stay away from ‘logistics activities’ like chartering ships or booking freight. We are 100% independent – meaning that there are no conflicts of interest. This is one of the reasons why when you work with us, you can count on full transparency, and on the confidential handling of your freight details or cargo documents.

Storage outside or inside 
We have a special heavy duty storage space for these kind of cargoes. Paved and Fenced. Warehouse space with door openings of 10 metres width we have availabe !

L,s,d and Unlashing
Unlashing, Unwelding, Cutting, Grinding, Welding, Lashing and Securing or Seafastening will be done by professional partners. It’s also possible to use your own contractors for these jobs under certain conditions.

Dismantled oil & gas installations, dismantled mobile harbour cranes, transformers, generators, turbines, diesel engines, yachts, tugboats, workboats, cable reels, windmill equipment like towers, nacelles, blades, mining shields, tunnel boring machines, steel piles, buoys, anchors, excavators, locomotives, shovels, autoclaves, tensioners, mobile cranes, offshore cargoes. You name it, we handle it.

Our advantages

  • 208 tons high speed and precise heavy lift harbour mobile crane
  • 8 high speed multi-purpose cranes up to 55 tons capacity + handling heavy lifts to 1.800 tons or more
  • 100% pure stevedoring – 100% independent!
  • Savings in transhipment time of up to 50 percent!
  • All berths in quiet, calm, sweet water harbour basin
  • 730 metres deep sea quay length with a max. draft of 10 metres
  • Warehouse space, heavy lift centre for storage, L.M.E. quality
  • Railway connected

  • Warehouse doors up to 10 metres width
  • Project cargo and heavy lift -heavy duty– storage space, fenced and paved
  • Skilled, professional, experienced and very importantly, flexible labour
  • Lashing & Securing , Welding, Grinding by professional partners
  • Optimized truck exit for a.o. Windmill Blades and Windmill Towers
  • Weighbridge Waalhaven for weighing containers acc. to SOLAS/VGM, next to our terminal
  • AEO Certified – ISPS certified
  • Lifting your cargoes faster