Open storage

Open Storage Transit, EU goods & Brexit goods by RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing Rotterdam

Our open storage area RHB Stevedoring & Warehousing is well suited to storing Big Cases and Crates, Project Cargoes, Heavy Lifts, Huge Beertanks, the biggest Anchor chains in the World, Heavies such as Generators, Transformers, Diesel Engines, Work boats, Tunnel Boring Machines, Super Shovels, Excavators, Yachts, Cable reels, Carousels, Autoclaves, Turbines, Steel Piles, Locomotives, Tensioners, Offshore cargoes, Non Ferrous metals, Dismantled Cranes, Windmill Blades, Windmill Towers, Windmill Nacelles , Tugboats, Aluminium, Steel, Containers you name it, we store it.

Open Storage for Customs goods, Transit goods, Bonded Storage, EU Goods, Brexit goods

Open Storage for Heavy Lifts cargo, Project Cargo, Breakbulk cargo, Non Ferrous Metals,  Steel & Timber Cargoes
Open storage 30.000 m2 paved and fully fenced. Customs approved.

Brexit storage

We have all requirements for Brexit storage.

Movement by hydraulic trailers, S.P.M.T. trailers, or own mafi trailers upto 120 tons cap. 2,5 -3,0 – 3,5 metres width from/to the heavy duty storage area for oversized cargoes.
Optimized truck exit for long cargo such as windmill blades and towers or other long items.

Warehouse space; Click here


Our advantages

  • Excellent location + facilities  – Since 1930
  • All berths in quiet, calm, sweet water harbour basin
  • 730 metres deep sea quay length with direct sea connection without bridges or locks
  • 2 x 208 tons + 144 tons high speed heavy lift harbour mobile cranes, > 300 tons tandem – twin lift
  • saving in transhipment time of up to 50 percent!
  • 6 high speed multi-purpose electrical cranes up to 55 tons capacity + handling heavy lifts up to 1.800 tons or more – No expensive mobilisation expenses at our berth.
  • 100% pure stevedoring – 100% independent!

  • Skilled, professional, experienced and very importantly, flexible labour
  • Warehouse doors up to 10 metres width
  • Project cargo and heavy lift -heavy duty– storage space, fenced and paved
  • Warehouse space, heavy lift centre, Brexit goods, L.M.E. quality
  • Lashing & Securing, LSD, Welding, Grinding by professional partners
  • Optimized truck exit for a.o. Windmill Blades and Windmill Towers
  • Weighbridge Waalhaven for weighing containers acc. to SOLAS/VGM, next to our terminal
  • Customs VAT Transit + Entrepot Warehouse & Storage space
  • AEO Certified – ISPS certified – Double rail connection
  • Lifting your cargoes faster – Quick dispatch